The Sunday Post – March 15th, 2020

Hey Guys! Today is March 15th, also known as Day 2 of Social Distancing for me! Covid-19 is officially where I live, and I’m reading so many books to keep away anxiety. Today I’m participating in the Sunday Post, a blog meme link-up hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. This is my first time joining in, so welcome if you’re new here!

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February Wrap Up!

Let’s wrap up February properly and talk about all the books I read last month! And because I’m talking about alllllll the books I read last month, you’ll get a view into what I read that’s not SFF. [I actually read a pretty great deal of non-sci fi last month!] There are way too many books for me to give full reviews for each one, so, instead, I’m just going to list them in star order from 5 stars to 1 star, and will link either my full blog reviews or mini Goodreads reviews to each title.

Here. We. Go!

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Weekly Wrap-Up

This reading week was actually really strong! I finished five books this week, and mostly enjoyed all of them. Even better, though, I’m pretty sure I discovered a new favorite author, and it’s always so exciting when that happens. This list below goes in order of how much I enjoyed my read for each book.

  1. Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey – 5 big huge stars

It is hard for me to fully express how much I loved this story. This was not just an amazing five star book, but probably a favorite book of all time kind of book. This story is so queer and lovely and will make you want to grab a cowboy hat and ride a horse to Utah.

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