Interview with Jon McGoran, Author of the Spliced Series [And Giveaway!]

I have a really exciting post today! I have always been really interested in authors’ writing processes and where they pull inspiration, particularly in the SFF community where there is so much ingenuity and cool ideas. I was lucky enough to be able to interview Jon McGoran, author of the YA science fiction Spliced series, as a part of the blog tour for the final book in this series, Spiked. In the interview, McGoran shared so much about his inspiration, research, and writing process, and it’s such a fascinating discussion. McGoran’s final installment in the Spliced trilogy, Spiked, releases on May 5, 2020.

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The Sunday Post – March 22, 2020

I’m participating in the The Sunday Post again today, a blog meme link-up hosted by The Caffeinated Reviewer.

Well, it has certainly been a week.

I haven’t left my house in over a week (hardcore social distancing), and I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. My immune system is less than great, so I’m just not risking going out right now. I’m super thankful that Animal Crossing released on the Nintendo Switch this past week. My husband and I have been playing a LOT of it this weekend!

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The Hunger Games Reread and Analysis – Intro

I had great intentions to post this when I woke up this morning. Alas, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released and took away most of my day. However, I really wanted to write this and tell you guys what I have up my sleeve for the upcoming few weeks.

The Hunger Games was a pretty foundational series for me early on in my reading journey. It was my first experience with speculative/dystopian literature, and was the first YA series that I read and enjoyed as an adult. I absolutely devoured this series, and I annotated every book. Best of all, the series still holds up so well! With the new prequel to the series, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, coming out on May 19th, I’m gearing up to dive back into the series head-first.

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My Spring 2020 TBR

I’m participating in both It’s Monday, What are You Reading hosted by The Book Date AND Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl today, so check out their link-up posts!

This week’s prompt for TTT was our Spring 2020 TBR! I have SO MANY books on my TBR list this spring, but I wanted to list only books that are releasing this Spring that I actually plan on also reading this Spring. And, whew, it’s an intense list! Without further adieu:

1. Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth, releasing April 7, 2020: Veronica Roth is an author I am always excited to read, and this is her FIRST adult full length novel. I cannot wait.

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February Wrap Up!

Let’s wrap up February properly and talk about all the books I read last month! And because I’m talking about alllllll the books I read last month, you’ll get a view into what I read that’s not SFF. [I actually read a pretty great deal of non-sci fi last month!] There are way too many books for me to give full reviews for each one, so, instead, I’m just going to list them in star order from 5 stars to 1 star, and will link either my full blog reviews or mini Goodreads reviews to each title.

Here. We. Go!

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