Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Best One Word (SFF) Titles

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, the prompt was “Single-Word Titles.” Because most of what I read is either Adult or YA sci fi and speculative fiction, I decided to make a list of my top ten SFF (Science Fiction/Fantasy) books with one-word titles! Oh, and I didn’t count the word “The” as a word because, well, I just decided I didn’t want to. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

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Top Ten Tuesday – Book Characters I Would Follow on Social Media

Every week the That Artsy Reader Girl blog has a Top Ten Tuesday topic for fellow book bloggers to take inspiration from and post about. Since I am, obviously, new to book blogging, this is my very first Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) and I am pumped for this one. This week’s topic is characters from books that I would follow on social media.

This topic is a funny one because I don’t really use social media much at all. I have an instagram and a twitter, but I rarely post to either. For me, social media is a way of keeping up with friends and of also following fun people who I think share interesting content. But, also, don’t we all have people we follow on social media for petty purposes? That can’t be just me. There are some characters on this list for each of these groups of people I follow IRL.

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What I’m loving lately

For my first real blog post, I want to share all the corners of the bookish landscape that I’ve recently discovered or rediscovered. There’s a definite theme around this list, and it’s not surprising given my reading mood lately. At the end of each month I plan a great list of books I want to read the next month, and then I promptly leave said list alone and mood-read my way through the month.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying the past few months:

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