Review: A Gift for a Ghost by Borja Gonzalez

To say I was excited for A Gift for a Ghost would be an understatement. This graphic novel is pitched as a story with time travel, ghosts, black holes, and an all-girl punk band, and I am completely here for all those things. I was so excited to read it that it actually made my Spring 2020 top-ten TBR, and after finishing the book I can say that I was 100000% not disappointed. Not only is the artwork absolutely stunning, but A Gift for a Ghost has such a lovely story told with equal parts strength and whimsy.

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Review: Double Blind by Sara Winokur


I don’t read a lot of mysteries or thrillers, but I was really excited to pick up Double Blind by Sara Winokur. Double Blind sounded like exactly the kind of mystery-thriller that I like to read, and it certainly delivered on its premise. It’s a contemporary story, but it’s filled with history and science and intrigue. A lot of the story deals with genetics and DNA research, but it explores these sciences in really approachable ways. I loved the main characters, the family dynamics, and all of the twists and turns. I also really enjoyed how much of the story focused on Iceland’s history, it’s culture, and politics. It was a really great read, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a scientific thriller.

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Review: The Companions by Katie M. Flynn

The Companions is a sweeping near-future dystopian that spans many years and explores the connections between many characters, creating a beautifully earnest vision of a future that feels all too real right now. This story hit me in a way that I haven’t experienced since I read Station Eleven, and I love this slow, deliberate style of story-telling. What Station Eleven did with the post-apocalyptic genre, The Companions does for science fiction, melding and mixing literary fiction with the speculative genre in a very sincere and realistic way.

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This has been a tough week for everyone. So much of the world is in quarantine, self-isolation, or participating in intense social distancing. Like a lot of people, I’m choosing to isolate myself while COVID-19 is so active. Lucky for us, there are some awesome authors in the science fiction/fantasy book community who are making some of their works free for all of us to enjoy. This list includes these free works from a lot of prolific writers, and also some other free SFF reads to enjoy right now.