This has been a tough week for everyone. So much of the world is in quarantine, self-isolation, or participating in intense social distancing. Like a lot of people, I’m choosing to isolate myself while COVID-19 is so active. Lucky for us, there are some awesome authors in the science fiction/fantasy book community who are making some of their works free for all of us to enjoy. This list includes these free works from a lot of prolific writers, and also some other free SFF reads to enjoy right now.

  1. Adrian Tchaikovsky has made a collection of his short fiction, titled Short Changes, available to download. Check out his tweet to see the links.
  2. Gareth L. Powell has made a novella, Downdraft, available for download. Check out his tweet for more information.
  3. Dave Hutchinson has a collection, Now Wash Your Hands, available for download. Get the details here.
  4. Tade Thompson also has a collection, Household Gods and Other Narrative Offenses, available for download. Here’s his twitter post for details.
  5. Danie Ware has made a short fiction work, Nothing to Me, available for free at her website.
  6. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (audiobook), narrated by Dan Stevens, available for free right now through Audible Stories.
  7. The Near Witch by V.E. Schwab (audiobook), narrated by Heather Wilds, available for free right now through Audible Stories.
  8. The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo (audiobook), narrated by Lauren Fortgang, available for free right now through Audible Stories.
  9. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (audiobook), narrated by Michael York, available for free right now through Audible Stories.
  10. Last, but not least, check out Avatars Inc, which is edited by Ann VanderMere. Avatars Inc. is a super cool, free science fiction multimedia project (not just made free due to recent times). It’s really interesting and full of hard sci-fi goodness. Check out the website, where you can read the stories and also download a copy of the collection for yourself.

Bonus 1! Angry Robot Publishing is having a Shelf Isolation sale right now with 50% off their ebooks online. Definitely worth checking out. Details here.

Bonus 2! Tor.com is always a great place to go for free SFF short reads. Lots of authors, lots of reading material. Definitely worth checking out.

Note: I haven’t read all of these, so this isn’t exactly a review/recommendation. I do trust these authors from experience or by reputation, and have downloaded most, if not all, of these works made available from authors.

I know there are tons more authors making some of their works free right now! Please post them below if you find any (or wrote any) so we can all share in the reading.

Because it fits the prompt this week, I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday by That Artsy Reader Girl. Go check all the other links out if you’re interested!

Author: hhbennett

Book Blogger for all things science fiction, post-apocalyptic, near-future, speculative, horror or just otherwise weird and cool.


  1. Too bad audio books don’t work well for me because I’ve seen a lot of free offers lately. I’m glad there’s something for everyone out there and it’s so great people are doing this!


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