The Sunday Post – March 22, 2020

I’m participating in the The Sunday Post again today, a blog meme link-up hosted by The Caffeinated Reviewer.

Well, it has certainly been a week.

I haven’t left my house in over a week (hardcore social distancing), and I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. My immune system is less than great, so I’m just not risking going out right now. I’m super thankful that Animal Crossing released on the Nintendo Switch this past week. My husband and I have been playing a LOT of it this weekend!

In blog news, here are the posts from this past week in case you missed them:

  1. My Spring 2020 TBR
  2. Review: Camp Spirit by Axelle Lenoir
  3. Mini Review: Anthropocene Rag by Alexander C. Irvine
  4. Review – Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
  5. Release Blitz: Bobby Robot by Michael Hilton
  6. Review of The Walking Dead: Typhoon by Wesley Chu
  7. The Hunger Games Reread and Analysis – Intro

What I’m currently reading: Untamed Shore by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Moreno-Garcia is an author I’ve been wanting to read for a while now. She writes so many different genres and has own-voices representation in, I believe, all of her works. This one is a thriller set in 1970s Mexico, and is about a local girl who gets wrapped up in the lives of three wealthy American tourists. All I know is one of them dies and there are lots of sharks in this book and it’s giving me major Jaws vibes. I’m really hoping it’s more than just a basic thriller. I just want lots of sharks.

Up Next: A Gift for a Ghost by Borja Gonzalez Abrams ComicArts kindly sent me along a physical copy of this graphic novel (which made it to My Spring 2020 TBR!!). I’m so excited to read this, and it is just so pretty to look at. I mean, look at this cover!

I was MUCH better this week in bringing in less books. I slowed down on being request-happy on Netgalley and Edelweiss, and I’m really working reading through my backlog of arcs.

I think that’s it! How are you fairing in these weird times?

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – March 22, 2020”

  1. I really enjoyed Untamed Shore, although it was much different than I expected. My favorite SMG by a long shot is Certain Dark Things. Stay safe 😁


  2. Hannah, the school I work at had to close this week, so I am working at home, and the government is asking everyone to social distance, therefore I spent most of this week indoors/a little in my own garden. I am sorry to hear staying in is driving you a bit stir crazy, but glad to hear that games and books are helping to distract you! Keep safe and happy reading!
    Here’s my Sunday Post: 🙂


  3. I’ve been hearing so much about Animal Crossing! It sounds perfect, honestly, given all the stress and bad news out there. We all need a break from reality I think.

    Moreno- Garcia sounds great, I’ve been wanting to try her books for a while.

    Stay safe and be well this week!


  4. I’ve seen a few mentions of Animal Crossing – do I need to steal my kid’s Switch for a bit? LOL Glad you’re staying safe 🙂 Have a great week!


    1. Oh my goodness, yes! My husband and I are both so into it right now. It’s the perfect relaxing game right now, which I so needed with all the stress going on.


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