Excerpt and Blog Tour: Highland Cove by Dylan J. Morgan

Welcome to another blog tour today! I’m really excited about today’s book because it features one of my favorite tropes! Horror books with people filming documentaries is one of my favorite really specific tropes, and I was so happy to hear that this super specific trope is featured in Highland Cove, an upcoming novel by Dylan J. Morgan! Read on for a chilling excerpt, book details and a chance to win a digital copy!


Highland Cove

Publication Date: March 23rd, 2020

Genre: Horror/ Paranormal/ Ghost Story

Highland Cove Sanatorium sits abandoned on a desolate island one mile off the Scottish mainland. It’s a dark, foreboding place, filled with nightmares. Even darker are the asylum’s secrets: a history of disease and mental illness, macabre experiments and murder.

The tales of ghostly appearances are said to be more fact than fiction, but no one has ever documented the phenomenon. Codie Jackson aims to change all that. Arriving from London with his small independent film crew, they plan to make a documentary that will forever change their lives.

But when one of the crew disappears, things begin to spiral out of control. A storm closes in to ravage the island, and in the darkness Highland Cove’s true horrors are revealed. Now lost within the institution’s labyrinthine corridors, Codie and his team realize that their nightmare is only just beginning.

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Thunder voiced its anger overhead, as though it were a call to the island’s demented spirits that they should make themselves known. Kristen pinched her legs closer to her chest, shielding her body, wondering when ethereal fingers would curl around her ankle. Could they hurt her? Were the ghosts able to inflict pain in retribution for the lifetime of suffering they’d experienced within these walls? Perhaps they would select her to feel the wrath of their injustice, now that the professor was dead. Dirt crunched beyond the desk, in the lobby’s heart, as footsteps edged close.

The confined space beneath the reception desk erupted in white as the brightness of a lightning strike burned through the window behind her. It illuminated an old staple gun on a shelf, a couple of discarded pencils, and a dirty coffee mug. It highlighted decayed fingers curling over the lip of the reception desk.

She screamed, shifting away from her safe spot under the counter. Kristen shuffled along the wall to the opposite corner, anxious to get away from the hand before its decomposed fingers curled into her hair. She stared at the point where she’d seen it; certain she’d witness a darker shadow in the night as the entity hauled itself over the counter.

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About the Author

Dylan J Morgan

Now living and working in Norway, Dylan J. Morgan was born in New Zealand and raised in the United Kingdom. He writes during those rare quiet moments amid a hectic family life: after dark, with limited sustenance, and when his creative essence is plagued the most by tormented visions.

He is the multi-genre author of ten books, all available exclusively to Amazon. Focusing on Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia, and sometimes a hint of Science-Fiction, his books cater for those readers who enjoy a dark, terrifying journey into worlds where a happy ending is seldom seen.

When not writing, and when not reading, he can be found roaming the realm of the Witcher 3, or witnessing satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones, or even listening to some of the loudest heavy metal in his iTunes’ library.

If you’re searching for that light at the end of the tunnel then stop looking—you won’t find it here.

Dylan J. Morgan | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

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