My Spring 2020 TBR

I’m participating in both It’s Monday, What are You Reading hosted by The Book Date AND Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl today, so check out their link-up posts!

This week’s prompt for TTT was our Spring 2020 TBR! I have SO MANY books on my TBR list this spring, but I wanted to list only books that are releasing this Spring that I actually plan on also reading this Spring. And, whew, it’s an intense list! Without further adieu:

1. Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth, releasing April 7, 2020: Veronica Roth is an author I am always excited to read, and this is her FIRST adult full length novel. I cannot wait.

2. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins, releasing May 19, 2020: The Hunger Games was so foundational to my love of dystopian books, and I couldn’t be more excited for this prequel.

3. Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett, releasing April 21, 2020: I just recently read Foundryside and I absolutely loved it. Bennett is one of my favorite authors writing today and I can’t wait for more epic sci-fantasy in this sequel!

4. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel, releasing March 24, 2020: So many of my favorite authors have books coming out this Spring! I loved, loved, loved Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, and I will almost certainly pick this up via audiobook on release date.

5. Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre, by Max Brooks, releasing May 12, 2020: So, one of my favorite things to read in horror/dark fiction is about people discovering creatures we didn’t know existed. [See Into the Drowning Deep and Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire]. So when I heard about this Sasquatch book I immediately put it at the top of my TBR.

6. Goldilocks by Laura Lam, releasing April 30, 2020: Earth is on the verge of environmental collapse in this book (another of my favorite themes/tropes), and a group of strong, smart women are the only ones who can save it. It sounds like there’s gender discrimination, intrigue, and a lot of space travel. I’m SO excited for this one.

7. Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky, releasing May 5, 2020: Three girls living on a secret compound of doomsday preppers when something big happens within their compound. Sounds like survival and strong female characters, which sounds amazing.

8. Repo Virtual by Corey J. White, releasing April 21, 2020: Augmented and virtual reality + heist story + corporations in power + heist story = my kind of book

9. All Your Twisted Secrets by Diana Urban, releasing March 17, 2020: A YA Agatha Christie-esque mystery with a bunch of teenage clique stereotypes that looks twisty and fun.

10. A Gift for A Ghost by Borja Gonzalez, releasing May 5, 2020: A graphic novel about a punk band, interdimensional time travel and black holes? Sign me up!

What I read last week: I just finished my arc of Gotham High from DC Comics, and I loved it! I am really getting into their DC Ink line of YA graphic novels, all of which are standalone retellings of the origin stories for classic DC superheroes and villains. They’re really diverse retellings, and are great YA fun. Full review coming soon!

What I’m currently reading: Camp Spirit, a YA graphic novel from Top Shelf Productions. It’s a fun story set in Ontario about a girl who is spending her summer as a camp counselor. Only, she is not at all the camp counselor type, or the outdoorsy type for that matter, and is pretty introverted. There’s also a female/female romance and so far it’s really sweet.

Up Next: Anthropocene Rag, a speculative novella from Publishing. I love titles and I’m really excited for this one.

That’s it, guys! Thanks for stopping by and letting me talk about all the books I’m excited about! 🙂

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45 thoughts on “My Spring 2020 TBR”

  1. Gotham High sounds really good. Here is my post-


  2. I’m not sure if my first comment work, but : I can’t believe I forgot about The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes! Definitely on my list too, as is The Glass Hotel.


  3. I really need to read Foundryside, because I’ve heard such great things about it! I hope the sequel lives up to your expectations. I’m glad to see you liked Gotham High! I saw that the other day and was wondering whether I’d like it, so I might have to give that one a try.


  4. The Chosen Ones looks so interesting! I haven’t had much luck with Veronica Roth’s books in the past, but I’m willing to give that one a try!
    I’m also… very nervous about Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I really hope it’s good, but I’m not sure I want a book about President Snow at all. We shall see, I guess.


  5. Not going to lie, I had to look up the majority of these books since it’s the first time I’ve heard of these titles. I didn’t know Veronica Roth had an upcoming book for the adult audience! I need to check it out and The Glass Hotel once I finish Station Eleven hehe. These all sound great. Happy reading~


  6. This is too funny – I could have written this TBR myself!! I’ve featured about half of these books somewhere on my blog at some point. I also have a copy of Chosen Ones staring at me – I’m curious because I’ve never read Roth and this book is supposed to be adult so it should be interesting!


  7. This is such an awesome list and there are actually quite a few books on here that I’m excited to read–like Goldilocks, Glass Hotel and All Your Twisted Secrets! I hope you enjoy all of these 🙂 Happy reading!


  8. THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES is definitely one of my most anticipated books this year! I can’t wait to dive (back) into the world and find out how Collins deals with the social and economical problems of our society in this installment of her series. I definitely trust her to deliver (again) after The Hunger Games trilogy! I’m also keeping DEVOLUTION on my radar because of the exact same reason (fictionally discovering creatures that we didn’t know existed) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s going to be good! Hope you enjoy all of the books on your spring TBR! c:


    1. YESS. I trust Suzanne Collins to do great YA social and political commentary. And I can’t even express how excited I am for Devolution.


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